Justin Bieber unveils religious new tattoo with Greek 'Chi' symbol inked on his arm

February 26, 2013 |

Inked: Justin Bieber has added to his collection of tattoos with a large X on his left arm

He might only be 18, but Justin Bieber already has a collection of tattoos to make any inking fan proud.

And on Monday night, the Baby singer unveiled the latest addition to his collection – a large cross symbol on his left arm.

But while the tattoo may appear somewhat cryptic to some, the etching is in fact the Greek letter ‘Chi’ – which means Christ.

X marks the spot: The new inking is the Greek letter 'Chi' - which translates as ChristX marks the spot: The new inking is the Greek letter ‘Chi’ – which translates as Christ

The inking is therefore the latest religious tattoo Bieber has added to his array, which already includes a pair of praying hands on his left calf and an image of Jesus on his right.

Bieber’s new tattoo sits just below an equally eye-catching design of an owl which the singer had done last year.

Bieber showed off the design as he made the most of yet another big night out in the capital.

The singer dressed down in baggy jeans, a striped T-shirt and light denim shirt, with trainers and sunglasses, as he and his entourage partied at Cirque du Soir nightclub.

The group appeared to be sharing a joke as Bieber hid from the photographers by immersing himself in the centre of the huddle.

Clearly amused by his prank, Bieber was spotted grinning to himself as he kept his head down and made a dash for it.

The teen was later spotted grabbing a bite to eat at McDonald’s on The Strand before the group  headed back to their hotel.

The singer is currently in the middle of his UK tour, and has just returned from Manchester, where he and his crew were reported to have clocked up a staggering £500 of room service at one of the city’s best hotels.

Insiders revealed Bieber’s crew ordered burgers, steaks, chips and desserts at five-star Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel - all washed down with vodka.

Bieber’s X is the latest in a string of tattoos the singer has debuted over recent months.

A recently-posted picture of the singer’s leg shows a ring of roses underneath the praying hands already inked on his calf.

In addition, Bieber has a crown on the left side of his chest and the Japanese Kanji symbol for music on his right arm.

He also has the word Believe inked on his left arm, and in March had a praying hand inking etched onto his leg, which is thought to represent the power of prayer and the Almighty.

Justin underwent his first inking of a bird on his hip at the tender age of 16, and followed it with the Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribcage when he and his dad opted to get matching tattoos during a trip to Israel.

Continuing with his collection of religious tattoos, the Canadian singer later had an image of Jesus etched onto his left leg.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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