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Back in early 2012 when the official planning began for the Believe Tour Justin made it clear that he wanted to give the fans a show they would never ever forget. It had been a while since the ‘My World Tour’ and he had since matured and grown as an artist and a performer and he definitely wanted to showcase that. He revamped his whole production he added more dancers, a bigger band, bigger stage… everything was just super sized. Justin wanted to have the best tour and he knew to be the best he had to have the best, so he employed the creative mind of Jon M Chu [ Director of Step Up 2, Step up 3D, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, and  the upcoming GI Joe Retaliation] which appeared to be the last piece of the puzzle because shortly after that the Believe Tour seemed to be coming together and on Sept 29 the tour kicked off in Glendale, Arizona and 48 shows later wrapped up in Miami,Florida where they filmed the show for the new movie Believe: 3D.

After each show there are always tons of reviews, but I chose to ask a few beliebers what they thought because no one can tell you what the Believe Tour is like better than a Belieber.

Ashlee, a belieber who saw the believe tour when it made a stop in St. Louis, recounts her expierence at the show , she explained how, The moment the Believe key lights up and the timer shows 10 minutes the time begins to tick down, and you can feel the anticipation of the crowd growing. Finally you’re down to 10 seconds and everyone counts [aloud]. As Justin appears with wings attached to him, chills and goose bumps cover the bodies of thousands of screaming fans; some crying, some stunned. As he descends, the arena knows, we are in for a show of the lifetime. Justin dances and sings flawlessly through new songs, medleys of old songs, he sings acoustic, he dances in sync, he shows the audience how he became the phenomenon he is today.”

Another fan Brittany added, The believe tour had me, and everyone else in the audience, screaming, dancing, and singing along the entire show. I thought his entrance was pretty memorable, entering the stage from the air equipped with angel wings decorated with musical instruments. The stage setup was definitely captivating with all the giant screens and the amazing lights, apart from Justin, that was a show in itself. I loved that he incorporated a runway and second stage, because it showed that he wanted to get as close to the fans as possible. And I really appreciated how The Believe Tour, catered to all ages of his fanbase. “

When asked to reflect on her concert in Orlando, Hope said, “The Believe Tour in Orlando, Florida was an experience I could simply never forget. The Amway Center venue was packed to every inch with fans that had traveled near and far. The overwhelming energy that night was unreal and Justin performed nearly perfectly and of all of Justin’s concerts I’ve been to, this was surely one of the best.”

Lindsey added that, “The entire show had an amazing storyline, footage and lighting.The colors and organization were mind blowing.” She remembered constantly snapping pictures because she was so impressed. She continued and said, “There is nothing like being in an arena for believe tour. The energy is intense.”

Ashley was lucky enough to attend the shows in Miami, Florida, where they filmed for Believe 3D so when asked to recap her experience here is what she had to say;, “All night Justin was ON POINT! His vocals, his dancing, all of it! From Out Of Town Girl to Beauty & The Beat, the guy was on a whole new level of perfection! Being the competitor he is when its game time he comes to win and that night at the American Airlines arena was no different!  He seemed to be having the time of his live, enjoying every second of  being on stage and being with his Beliebers!”

And Jasmine added that Everything about The Believe Tour is like nothing [she'd] ever seen before.” She explained that, “The Believe Tour is one of those shows that keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you wondering what he’s going to do next.”

When asked about memorable moments or favorite parts, Jen said a memorable moment for her was when, “Justin went out over the audience and serenaded the crowd because he made every girl in the audience feel special.” Cady informed me that her favorite part from the show was when “He[Justin] sings parts of his songs from The My World Albums.” She added that her favorite song to watch him perform is “Love Me Like You Do, because I love how he uses the umbrellas and the entire performance… its just amazing!” Another fan, Missy talked about how much she enjoyed, “all the fireworks and the dancers” she added that, “the whole stage setting was huge it really brought the songs to life.” Victoria talked about how watching Justin perform Believe “was such a beautiful moment.” Emily described how “The production of the show was great! The lights during believe were the best! And the effects and videos from when he was little were perfect!”

When I asked most fans about their expierence, most of them described it as being, “the best night of their life” or “something they’d never forget”;

“Seeing him right before my eyes was an experience I will never forget!” -Taylor

It was the best night ever.” – Kyra 

The concert was beyond words and the best night of my life!!!!”-  Taylor

“The whole experience was amazing. It was definitely the best night of my life!” - Jasmine

The Believe Tour didn’t disappoint and Justin delivered as promised the show was amazing and the crowd energy was like no other!” – Briana

The show was incredible and Justin is an amazing performer.” -Brenna

Being at his sold out stadium show was just perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better concert. Something I’ll never forget” – Julia


Although  I haven’t been able to experience The Believe Tour for myself just yet, I already know its one for the history books and I believe Shelby explained it best, “The Believe Tour is more than just a concert, it’s an experience.” And as the second leg of The Believe Tour kicks off tommorow I know all the fans lucky enough to attend a show will be in for a night they will never forget.



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